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Low water pressure

Posted by: Will's Plumbing

There could be a number of reasons why you would low hot and/or cold water pressure

  • 1. Water meter fault
  • 2. Boundary valve fault
  • 3. In ceiling hot water unit will cause low hot water pressure to all hot taps.
  • 4. Tap washers may be jammed or restricting the flow
  • 5. Corrosion within the pipe line or build-up of scale within tap fixtures
  • 6. Blocked water pipes
  • 7. Incorrect pipe work sizes within your house
  • 8. You could have a water leak
  • 9. Blocked filters
  • 10. Your area and suburbs may have low water pressure

There are a number of ways to solve and get your flow back

  • 1. New washers
  • 2. Get pipe work checked
  • 3. Get your pressure tested with equipment
  • 4. Call me to go through options on site

Costs can be cheap to repair

Easy diagnosis sometimes

About the Author: Will's Plumbing

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