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Common Plumbing Problems

There are a variety of plumbing problems that you could be experiencing. It is often best to determine what the issue is (if possible) to make the repair process as quick as possible. Below, we have listed a number of the most common problems that Will’s Plumbing can fix for you.

Low Water Pressure

The water entering your pipes has trace amounts of minerals, which over time, build up on metal surfaces (i.e. shower heads, etc.) – causing low water pressure. If you have a filtration system, these build ups can be filtered out; but without this system, these build ups gather on the surfaces of aerators and showerheads – causing a severely inhibited flow of water.

If you have tried cleaning these components, but your water pressure is still low, you may have a more serious problem. A hole or rupture in the pipes driving into your house is a crisis that could seriously damage your home or business. Sudden and noteworthy reduction in water flow with no known reason justifies a call to us at Will’s Plumbing – we can pinpoint the problem and solve your low water pressure issues.

Slow/Clogged Drains

When water that enters your sink or bathtub won’t go out, you likely have a partial or complete clog. Commercial channel cleaners and stop up removers are ok for most occasions, however these harsh materials can harm some pipe materials if used too often. If you find your drains continuously clogged or slowed, call us as soon as possible so we can rectify the problem.

Running/Blocked Toilets

Toilets can run or become blocked for a number of reasons. Replacing parts of the toilet, flushing too much toilet paper at once, flushing unsuitable materials and many other simple things can cause a blocked or running toilet. While most of these issues can be fixed simply with a plunger, or other tools – if your toilet is continuously becoming blocked or running, you may have a more severe problem and need to contact us right away.

Dripping Taps/Faucets

Water entering your house is pressured to make it move through the pipes: when you turn off your tap mechanisms known as ‘washers’ prevent more water from escaping the tap itself. After some time, washers can turn out to be hardened, torn or unstuck, permitting a minor stream of water through and creating that irritating trickle. While you can replace washers yourself, the process can be difficult and you may end up causing more damage. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible to fix this irritating problem. If left too long, your tap can also become damaged, which means that you will also have to replace it – meaning you have to spend more money fixing a problem that is easily solvable by Will’s Plumbing!

Please note if you have any of the following problems or tasks you need to contact us immediately:

  • Installation of new infrastructure (pipes, drains, etc.)
  • Problems with water heaters
  • Septic tank leaks and problems

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